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We’ve got two important facts about mattresses. One of them might surprise you, and the other one is pretty obvious.

Fact Number One: Did you know that mattresses have a profound impact on your quality of life? No, we’re not talking about how comfy they are (though that’s important too). The way you sleep at night majorly affects the comfort of your back and spine, and your mattress plays a huge role in that.

Fact Number Two: Mattresses are extremely awkward, cumbersome, and annoying to get rid of.

The first fact might surprise you; many people underestimate just how much of a role their mattress plays in their back pains or lack thereof. The second fact, on the other hand, is known by virtually everyone who has ever moved a mattress in their lives. Putting these together, it begs an important question: when is it time to finally get a new mattress? Well, don’t worry — as mattress removal experts in Baltimore, we’ve got all the answers.

How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Mattress

Your Mattress is 7-10 Years Old

Let’s start with the easiest answer — old age. Not you, of course, your mattress. Indeed, everything in this world has its time under the sun, and for mattresses, that time is 7-10 years. Anything past that, and you’re really pushing a mattress to its limits. In its ripe old age, your mattress has likely deteriorated in quality. The springs are probably weaker, the threads are unraveling, there are weird stains on it — yikes! Instead of keeping the decrepit old thing around, consider throwing it out and calling us for mattress removal.

You’re Envious of Everyone Else’s Mattresses

You ever have that moment where you sit or lie down on someone else’s bed, and it feels like you’ve been whisked away into the clouds? You ever just think, “wow, I wish MY bed was this comfy!” It’s okay if this happens every once in a blue moon — experiencing it at furniture stores and luxurious mansions is one thing, but if you have that feeling every single time you lay on another bed, you might have a problem.

This is what we here at Spartan Junk Removal refer to as “mattress envy.” Not really — we just made that up — but if it’s overwhelmingly obvious that every other bed in the universe is more comfortable than yours, maybe it’s time to throw out the junky mattress you’re using.

Your Allergies Just Happen to Perk Up at Night

Most people have allergies to some degree. Some people have mild reactions to pollen during hayfever season. Some people flirt with death every time they eat a peanut. And some people have a very mysterious kind of allergy — the kind that only seems to perk up at night, in bed.

Well, it turns out it’s not so mysterious, it’s probably just your mattress. You see, mattresses don’t just host your sleeping body at night, they’re actually home to a variety of unsavory little devils, like dust mites, mold, mildew, and more. Those three things in particular are extremely common allergens, so even if you can’t necessarily see, feel, or smell them, you can bet that they’re lurking about during your bedtime. If you’ve kept your mattress around for long enough, expect allergies to become a more frequent nuisance. Or, just throw that old mattress out and get a nice new clean one!

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Your Back Hurts All the Time

Does your back seem to hurt all day, all the time, no matter what? Yes, you should probably go to a chiropractor. Yes, you should probably improve your posture. Yes, you should probably stop in late-night vigilante brawls. But you should also take a good hard look at your mattress, because it’s probably the biggest culprit.

Y’know how when you bend a book in a certain way for long enough, it kind of gets stuck that way? Imagine that happening every single night, except it’s your spine. You don’t move around much when you sleep, so whatever position you fall asleep in, your body’s in it for the long haul. If your mattress sucks, it’s like folding a book the wrong way — you can try to bend it back all you want, but it’s going to be straining against you.

Consider any kind of uncomfortable position, and try holding it for five minutes — you won’t get far. When you go to sleep, you’re pretty much locked into a certain position, and if your mattress is bad, it probably won’t be good for your back. The best mattresses are designed for good spinal health, so do your research and throw away your old one if you’re constantly at war with your back.

You’ve Gained a New Roommate

Okay, so we’re not suggesting that you have cozy sleepytime every night with your actual roommate, because that could get weird. But in a more figurative sense, it could be time to get a new mattress if there’s a new addition to your home. If your partner has moved in, it’s time to throw out that twin mattress and go for something more kingly — or queenly, if that’s what floats your boat.

Basically, if you’re in a position where you’ll be sharing your bed, you’ll benefit from upsizing. Not only for the sake of comfort, but because you’ll likely experience discomfort in your body and spine when you overload a mattress with more people than it’s designed for.

Oh, and if you want to upsize your mattress so you can fit your new dog or your many cats? We won’t stop you. Live your best life! But remember to call us for mattress removal services when you want to throw the old one out.

Your Mattress Is Just Plain Gross

Alright, we shouldn’t have to tell you this one, but we’ll include in this blog for good measure. Here’s the bottom line — if your mattress is nasty, throw it out. Everyone’s definition of nastiness varies, but you’ll know when you see it. Has your mattress been dragged outside for any reason? Probably not good to be sleeping on it every single night. Is it a canvas of funky stains every time you take the sheets off? Yeah, that’s not good. Has your cat peed on it one too many times? After a certain point, that ammonia smell ain’t comin’ out.

If you have a gross, nasty, smelly, or otherwise repellant mattress, you might not want to bear the burden of disposal. Call us instead; somebody’s gotta do it, right?

Mattress Removal Services in Greater Baltimore

At Spartan Junk Removal, we specialize in helping you get rid of all your unwanted and unneeded junk, old mattresses included. Mattresses can be a total pain to get rid of, due to their massive size and awkward handing. Even more importantly, they’re full of materials that are actually quite useful when recycled. Calling us for mattress removal is a win-win — you don’t have to do any of the work lugging the old thing out, and we can make sure it gets recycled and disposed of properly. Sure, it’s tempting to bring it out to the curb, slap a ‘free’ sign on it, and hope for the best, but we both know no one’s coming for it. If you’re in Greater Baltimore, Laurel, Towson, or any of the other nearby areas in Maryland, call Spartan Junk Removal instead.