Did you know that you can recycle electronic items? Many people believe that their worn-out, old, and damaged electronics are past the point of no return, but this is hardly ever the case. These electronics can be repurposed, refurbished, or pulled apart for parts. Unfortunately, many electronics contain materials such as mercury, lead, antimony, and arsenic – all of which are harmful to our health. When we throw away these items without properly recycling them, these materials can lead to serious problems!

What is Considered an Electronic?

Most everything that has a plug is considered to be an electronic that can be recycled. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) listed the following as electronics in their Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA): Televisions, monitors, computers, stereo equipment, wireless devices, phones, video game consoles, cameras, printers, copying machines, DVD and VCR players, etc. If you are unsure if we will accept an item that you believe to be an e-recycling item, give us a call and ask! We would be happy to tell you what classifies as an electronic and what doesn’t.

Why Shouldn’t Your Electronics End up in a Landfill?

Many electronics contain chemicals and materials that can harm both the environment and those living in it. This means poisoned water, toxic air, ruined soil, and harm befalling plants and animals. However, when we recycle our electronics, the harmful metals inside can be extracted and safely disposed of.

Will Recycling Your Electronics Make a Difference?

An estimated 250 million tons of waste is generated each and every year in the US – both landfill waste and recyclable. About five percent of this is e-waste. Of this five percent, only 10 to 18 percent of electronics are properly recycled, and the rest are disposed of incorrectly. If everyone were to recycle their electronics, our environment would drastically improve!

Will Your Data be Safe?

If you are recycling something that stores data, such as a computer or tablet that could be holding photos and files, make sure to have them cleared out first. Your data will not be able to be recovered once we take the machine away.

Do We Take Residential and Office Electronics?

Yes! We take both residential and office items that need to be disposed of. As time goes on, we understand that office equipment can become outdated and be ready for an upgrade. Once you have all of the data transferred to the new machines, give us a call. We know we can take care of the rest. Even if you only have a few electronic items for recycling in your home, we can be of assistance!

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Whether it’s an old VCR player you’ve had lying around your home for a few years or several computers from your office, Spartan Junk Removal is here to help! Our professionals are ready to take your electronics off your hands and dispose of them properly. When you are ready to free up some space those old electronics are taking up, be sure to give us a call! We look forward to helping you and the rest of the Annapolis area!