Messy home in need of junk removal services

At Spartan Junk Removal, we’ve committed our lives to helping people get rid of their junk. What an interesting problem to have, no? While there are surely people in the world who can’t imagine the idea of having so many things that you literally have problems getting rid of all of them, it’s a legitimate problem for many people in the world, and we love seeing the smiles on clients’ faces when we help them to finally declutter.

In our many years of serving Maryland clients, we’ve noticed that there are generally two kinds of people — legitimate hoarders, and people that are just disorganized.

Hoarding has become a well-known condition to the American people, with TV shows and media showing the homes of people who have this disorder (which is, indeed, medically classified as a real disorder on par with other conditions such as OCD). A lot of people wonder if they have a hoarding problem when they start to accumulate junk.

Fortunately, in most cases, hoarding isn’t the main problem — it’s just being disorganized, lazy, or lacking the time to properly dispose of your stuff. This is a problem that can easily be amended by calling local junk removal services, while hoarding is a problem that often sticks with people for life. Want to know the signs of a true hoarder? Keep an eye out for the following things that distinguish hoarders from the average population:

An Inability to Part With Things That Have No Value

This is the first thing that people think of when they think of hoarders, and for good reason — this trait is at the foundation of a hoarder’s nature.

We’ve heard a lot of people refer to themselves as “hoarders” because they have a hard time getting rid of old possessions,or perhaps they have a tendency to collect more than they should. In reality, hoarders have problems getting rid of almost anything, including items that have zero value, such as garbage.

It’s hard for anybody to get rid of certain possessions. But until you start saving all your trash, leaving food in your fridge while it goes bad, and keeping every piece of scrap and junk in your vicinity, you probably aren’t a hoarder — you might just be human.

Your Collection Renders Your Home Unusable

Most typical Americans have a whole lot of junk (trust us, we know). But for the average person, that junk finds a space somewhere in the home where it shares company with a bunch of other junk, isolated in its own space away from living areas. Sure, a lot of people have a storage closet or a garage that looks like a wreck, but that doesn’t mean you’re a hoarder — it means that you’ve just accumulated a bunch of junk and you’re putting it in the most logical place where it could go.

Hoarding disorder is usually characterized by a living space that is so messy it defies comprehension. Rooms are no longer usable, furniture is no longer functional, and activities are no longer practical due to the pervasive presence of junk, anywhere and everywhere.

Is your junk collection starting to legitimately hinder your life? If it’s reaching a scale where it’s becoming a problem unto itself, you might be a hoarder. But if it’s just a bunch of junk that has accumulated because you haven’t found the time or energy to take care of it, you might just need to dial your local junk removal service and call it a day.

Your Junk Poses Health Risks

One of the most unpleasant things about true hoarding disorders is how unsanitary an area can get. Remember, hoarding often involves an inability to get rid of trash and bad food. Additionally, it can fill up your living spaces and render important areas of your house unusable, such as the kitchen. If there is so much junk piling up that you can’t even be bothered to remove it to do the dishes, you can bet that things are going to get nasty pretty quick.

Tragically, many hoarders live in homes that are plagued with all manner of unsanitary conditions. Not only does their disorder cause these problems in the first place, even a well-intentioned hoarder can end up becoming psychologically disheartened by the state of their home. Just think — how much less motivated would you be to clean up if you knew it wasn’t even going to make a dent in the overall mess? It’s a vicious cycle, and a lot of hoarders get stuck in a vicious downward spiral.

Junk Removal Services Can Help

While sometimes our services are nothing more than a pleasant convenience, junk removal services can, in fact, be life-changing, and we take our job seriously. We love seeing the smiles on people’s faces as their living space is completely transformed when they finally get rid of their junk and clutter.

Do you have the problems that are listed above in your life? Do you know somebody else who does? One of the best possible things you can do is call a junk removal service. If you’re in or around the Maryland area, Spartan Junk Removal would be happy to serve you. We have locations in Laurel and Towson, and we serve all the surrounding regions. Whether you’re a hoarder or someone who’s just overly disorganized, our services can help. Contact us today!