One of the main reasons Brendan and Jalyssa settled on their new Baltimore area home was for its enormous backyard. “We can have a huge garden!” they enthused. What they didn’t realize, though, was that everything else that came with the yard – the decrepit shed, a poorly-constructed garden bed, and a fence that inexplicably cut off a random corner of the yard – did very little to advance their dream.

The first summer of gardening in their new home was a bit of a disaster. The enormous, poorly-placed shed shaded out all their vegetables. The rotting garden bed began to crumble, spilling dirt around its perimeter. And that fence served no purpose other than to constrain Brendan and Jalyssa’s garden to a smaller area than they would have liked.

The next summer was different. Brendan tore down the useless shed, the planter box was disassembled and its soil was spread across their garden, which enjoyed more space in the absence of the recently-removed fence. Without these things in the way, their garden thrived to the point where they were giving away surplus tomatoes, squash, and cucumbers to their new neighbors.

But what became of the shed, fence and garden box? Jalyssa called Spartan, Baltimore’s Top Rated Local® junk removal company. They showed up on time, loaded up all the debris, and took it away from their new home forever. If you don’t know what to do about all the outdated structures in your yard, from old fences to rickety decks and anything else, Spartan Junk Removal is the company for you. We’ll clear out the debris so that you can make room for the things you really want in your yard. Contact us for unmatched junk removal services today!