If you have some space in your Baltimore home that you’d like to free up, it may be that the heavy lifting involved is keeping you from getting the job done. Whether you’re dealing with an unwieldy mattress, old piano, or a hot tub that’s past its prime, moving heavy and bulky items out of your home can be quite the task. Maybe you’re caught between not wanting to pay for a junk removal service and not wanting to move your old junk yourself. Allow us to give you one important piece of knowledge that could influence your decision to call Spartan Junk Removal.

Moving heavy objects on your own without the proper training and equipment could result in a hernia. A hernia means a trip to the hospital, doctor office visits, prescriptions, and other expenses. Today the total cost of a hernia operation can easily run you anything from $5,000 to $10,000. And that’s just a part of the cost. The time you lose to recovery and treatment means you can’t be spending it doing fun things with your friends and family. And the pain and hardship you endure from the injury and surgery will make your life rather difficult for a while. Not to mention, heavy lifting will be out of your abilities for a while.

On the other hand, you could just call the experienced professionals at Spartan Junk Removal and have us pick it up. Our services are more affordable than you might expect, and certainly much more affordable than treating a hernia. We guarantee we’ll be on time and beat the price of our competitors.
Spend a little now, let us make your junk disappear, and avoid an expensive trip to the hospital. Contact Spartan Junk Removal today!