With hoarding becoming a widespread modern phenomenon, there are people all over Baltimore who hold onto excessive amounts of what others would call junk. And while not every one of those people is living in a full-blown hoarding situation, there are many who definitely have a tendency to accumulate clutter. Here are some of the reasons that may lead you to hang onto things that you don’t actually need.


Lots of people keep souvenirs and keepsake items because it reminds them of their past. Anything from postcards to old toys to books and movies that were influential in shaping a person’s life can be seen as cherished items, even when they haven’t been used or even looked at for years.

Not Letting It Go To Waste

Many people hang onto items because they feel that simply throwing it in the garbage would be a waste. Old CRT television sets are a good example — why would you throw away a perfectly good TV, just because it isn’t a flat screen? If this is how you think, you can take comfort in knowing that our junk removal service can find a happy home for the unwanted items that could be useful to others. We also abide by an eco-friendly environmental policy to ensure that harmful materials are disposed of correctly.

No Time

Sometimes the clutter stacks up faster than you can figure out what to do with it. We’re all busy with jobs and families and trying to enjoy our free time, and it can be difficult to find time to declutter your Baltimore area home. Fortunately, when you contact Spartan Junk Removal, you can depend on us to make it all go away!