In servicing the Greater Baltimore area, Spartan Junk Removal offers a more personal touch than the other local removal companies, and we take pride in relieving so many individuals and families of their unwanted clutter. In some cases, we clear entire rooms out of a house, allowing residents the opportunity to choose to dedicate the extra space to something more productive for their home and the people who live in it. Here are a few ideas for what to do with an extra bedroom.

Guest Bedroom Maybe this is the most obvious choice, but it’s a good one. Having an extra bedroom complete will all of the accommodations gives you a reason to invite visitors from out of town. They’ll love the extra privacy and comfort you provide, and they’ll be more likely to visit if they can stay with friends rather than pay for a hotel room in an unfamiliar town.

Craft Room Do you have a hobby that you’ve been unable to develop because it requires a lot of dedicated space? An extra bedroom could easily be converted into your own personal art studio. Sewing, printmaking, painting, model train building, or anything else you can dream up can be done in an environment that fosters creativity.

Game Room Maybe the only thing that’s been stopping you from buying that vintage pinball machine or arcade video game is a need for space. Depending on the size of the room, foosball, billiards, or table tennis may also options. Having a room dedicated to fun and games will make you the envy of all your friends, and provide a great way to entertain company.

Isn’t it time you got around to using that clutter-filled room for something that you really want? Let Spartan Junk Removal help to make that dream a reality. Contact our local family business today, and find out why we’ve got the other Baltimore removal companies beat!