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It’s just a fact of life. Every mattress eventually meets its end, whether it was a piece of hot garbage or a miraculously comfy cushion. There’s only so much use and abuse it can take, and at some point, it’s bound to be thrown out. This, of course, is no fun task. Mattresses aren’t often debilitatingly heavy, but they are extremely awkward and annoying to carry around, and it’s understandable if you just want to lug it out to the trash to be done with it forever.

But at Spartan Junk Removal, we know your mattress deserves better than that. Why should an object which has served you so faithfully for so many years be discarded like a piece of trash? Why shouldn’t it go to the sweet embrace of mattress heaven?

There are, in fact, a few good reasons to call a junk removal company for mattress disposal instead of throwing it in the garbage. If you’re in Greater Baltimore and you’re about to replace a mattress, consider the following facts:

Calling a Junk Removal Company Is Easier

We’ll go with the most obvious point first — it’s simply easier to get rid of your mattress if you call a junk removal company. Instead of having to pick up the mattress, summon help, and awkwardly fumble out of your home with it in hand, you can simply wait for us to stop by.

We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. For all we care, you can kick back in a lawn chair while drinking lemonade, and just watch us as we do the job. This is extremely helpful if you don’t have the physical wherewithal to move the mattress yourself. But even if you’re strong enough, why bust your back when there’s no need?

Recycling Is an Eco-Friendly Solution

The other big reason to call on us to dispose of your mattress is because it’s the more eco-friendly solution. Mattresses can, in fact, be recycled, even if they don’t fit in your nearby recycling bin. There are actually a lot of valuable material in these beasts, and it’s a shame for them all to go to waste. Here are some elements of a mattress that can be reused and recycled.

  • Fabric: Fabric can always be reused to create felt, insulation, and other similar materials. While there’s not a lack of resourced to go around to create more fabric, the more waste we can reduce, the better! And the good news? Mattresses have a whole lot of fabric to go around.
  • Polyurethane and Latex Foam: These materials are very useful for their insulation qualities. They’re often used to help create wall insulation, as well as carpet padding. It would be a shame to see all of it thrown away!
  • Plastic: Plastic is one of the most important materials to recycle, and there’s a reason why recycling bins are becoming ever more ubiquitous: plastic pretty much can’t be destroyed. It’s one of the most wasteful materials on the planet, and that’s why it’s always good to ensure that it gets melted down and reused instead of getting thrown into a landfill.
  • Coils: It’s always nice to have more metal. The metal springs and coils in your mattress can be melted down, just like plastic, and repurposed into other metal products. Alternatively, the coils themselves often have a value of their own, and sometimes leftover mattress coils are sold to people who have specific uses in mind for them.
  • Wood Frames: By recycling your mattress, you might just be helping to save a tree or two. While there’s plenty of wood to go around in this world, it’s also true that nobody is going to complain if there’s a free wooden mattress base to repurpose. The world is always in need of mulch and wood chips, and it can also be broken down to be burnt as fuel.

Mattress Disposal Services in Greater Baltimore

Disposing of your mattress is easy when you call a reliable junk removal company, and if you’re in Greater Baltimore, or any of the surrounding regions of Maryland such as Hanover, Laurel, or Towson, we’d be happy to help. We strive to make mattress disposal easy and affordable for our clients. Want to do your back a favor and finally get rid of the block you’ve been sleeping on? Contact us today.