Clean garage + banner - 4 ways to repurpose a clean garage

If your garage is an incomprehensible mess of junk and rubble, we’ve got some good news and bad news. The good news is that you’re not alone — having an absolute wreck of a garage is actually quite common, as it’s pretty common for it to become the default storage space when all other rooms in the home have found a unique purpose. For many people, the extra space is worth the inconvenience of not being able to keep their car in there.

The bad news is that your garage is basically good for nothing when it’s functioning as a junk repository. Good for storage? Yes, but with some better organization and garage storage solutions, you could keep your stuff in there and use the space for something more useful!

Are you tired of wading waist-deep through clutter every time you walk through your garage? Consider the following ways you could repurpose your garage if only it were clean — maybe it’ll help provide the motivation to take action!

How You Could Use a Clean Garage

Hobby Studio

The term “hobby studio” is somewhat intentionally vague here — because there are so many different options you have! But if there’s one thing that most adults have in common, it’s that people tend to have different hobbies, and in the overwhelming majority of cases, these hobbies take up space. Sometimes they require an entire room or more to accommodate them, others might need only a small amount of space that can’t currently be afforded in your home.

In any case, it’s great having a space for your hobbies and passions, because unfortunately, they often die when they don’t have a space to breathe. Storing away your hobbies into storage boxes and leaving them tucked away under crates is a good way for you to forget about them. Don’t do that! Here are some examples of how a garage could help:

  • Art Studio: If you’re an artist who uses traditional tools such as drawing or painting, we don’t have to tell you how much space it can take up. While you can easily work on a painting in a small space, it becomes quite a hassle to pack up your paints every time and close shop when you have to stop working. An art studio allows you to be so much more free! There’s more space, bigger canvasses, you can make a mess, the benefits go on and on!
  • Collection Space: Do you have a LEGO Millenium Falcon the size of a coffee table that your wife isn’t keen on displaying in the main room? Do you have shelves worth of shot glasses that you procured from exotic locations? A collection of authentic movie props and costumes? Hey, you do you. But no matter what kind of collection you have, it’s nice to have a place to display it. If you take the time to organize your garage, you can repurpose it for this!
  • Music Room: Why would the term “garage band” exist, if not for the thousands of musicians who had their humble beginnings in a suburban garage? If you consult with professionals to organize your junk and declutter your garage, you too could have a little music studio!

An Extra Bedroom

While this is a little more ambitious than just having a cleaned out garage, you may very well find that it’s worth it! If you finally find a way to stow your junk away without it taking up all that garage space, you can go the extra mile and remodel the space into a working bedroom!

Having an extra bedroom could be a boon to many families. The good news is that with clever design, you could still preserve some storage space. But with the rest of it, you could provide a room for guests who visit your home, children who may currently be sharing bedrooms, or you could even rent it out, AirBnB style!

It all begins with junk removal and garage storage solutions. If you decide it’s finally time to declutter, Spartan Junk Removal can help, and then the path will be paved for a full-on remodel.

A Home Theater or Game Room

You don’t necessarily need to remodel your garage to make this one a reality — all you need is a sweet projector setup, some comfy seats, and a sound system! While you may need to invest in some space heaters to keep the area warm, you’ll otherwise have everything you need to make an awesome room for movies or video games.

Whether you want to actually feel the earth shake when you watch Jurassic Park with a real sound system, or get the old crew back together for some splitscreen Halo action, you’ll love having a dedicated room for movies and video games. All you need to do is clean that garage out!

A Recreational Room

It’s really nice to have an area in your home where you can just kick back and relax. It doesn’t need to be fancy! But suppose you want a spot where you can sit down, have some drinks, or play pool with your buddies — this can be hard to set up in a normal home unless you have a ton of space. The garage it is!

If you finally take it upon yourself to declutter your garage and call for junk removal, you’ll appreciate the new space you have to accommodate all manner of recreational activities. The world is your oyster! Pool tables, ping pong, air hockey, workout machines, do whatever you want because you’ve got room for it!

Garage Storage Solutions in Maryland

Are you ready to call the professionals for junk removal so you can finally use your garage for something cool? If you’re in Baltimore, Hanover, Towson, Silver Spring, Laurel, or any other surrounding areas in Maryland, Spartan Junk Removal is happy to help!

Disposing of junk isn’t the only thing we do. If you have a messy garage that’s in dire need of organization, we’ll personally help you to rearrange things into a perfectly tidy storage space that’s easy to access. We’d love to visit your garage and give you a hand. Ready to get started? Contact us today!