With all the junk removal companies out there, it can be hard to know where to start. After all, who are you going to trust to come into your home and handle each situation with care? Spartan Junk Removal is your premier removal company in the Baltimore area! When it comes to removing the junk in your home, we know you want to trust the best of that best. We get asked all the time why our team is the best choice for the job, so we’re here to explain why:


  • 14 ft truck: We can take more of your items during each trip, meaning fewer trips for our team! All that adds up to a shorter amount of time removing your junk for a lower price than the competition.
  • Less expensive: Many companies charge based on the number of trips they need to take, so we can save you money by fitting more of your items in our 14 ft truck.
  • Environmentally friendly: We take every item you need to have picked up, and we guarantee that it will be recycled, donated, or disposed of properly. Our team constantly strives to do its part when caring for the environment.
  • No item left behind: Even if you need to get rid of chemicals or other toxic substances that we can’t take, we know companies who can. Ask us for details!
  • We handle hoarders: If you are aware of a hoarding situation, we would be happy to help. Our understanding of the psychology behind hoarding means we can handle any issue delicately and thoroughly. Many other companies avoid hoarder situations, so we know that we are the team for the job.


  • Shorter truck: They can pick up your junk, but it may take a few trips. This means the job will take longer.
  • More expensive: Less space for your junk means more trips, and more trips means higher fuel costs. Be prepared to pay for the difference.
  • Less environmentally conscious: Many companies will remove your items, but they might send it all to the junkyard, regardless of where it should go.
  • Chemicals left behind: Other junk removal companies may not have the connections needed to dispose of toxic waste properly, meaning that those items are left behind for you to take care of on your own.
  • Limited job types: Not all companies handle hoarding situations and large item removal, such as hot tub removal or mattress removal.

Think of what you will be able to do with all of that extra room in your home! Spartan Junk Removal is the team dedicated to removing your junk from your home or finding a team who can when we can’t. No matter what the challenge may be, we know that we can take it on. When it comes to disposing of the unwanted items in your home, make sure to call the professionals at Spartan Junk Removal today! We look forward to receiving your call and leaving your home in a clearer state than it was before we arrived.