pile of old junk placed for removal

Ah, spring has arrived. For our fellow Maryland residents, this is an exciting prospect. While there are still cold days, we’re mostly done with the frigid gales of winter and the annoying snowfalls that like to come at the worst time. The sun has started to shine, trees will be blooming soon, and a fun summer waits ahead!

But not so fast, cowboy. There’s one prospect of spring that you may not be looking forward to as much. Yup, it’s time for spring cleaning, and although it’s not something you have to do, most households find that they benefit from an annual cleansing.

Spring cleaning can be as exhaustive or as simple as you want it to be. But if it were up to us, we’d recommend junk removal to anyone as an essential component of spring cleaning. There are many reasons why it’s good to take an annual inventory and clear out your clutter. Here are a few of them:

You Can Accumulate a Lot of Junk In a Year

As junk removal professionals, you can bet that we’ve performed our decluttering services for just about every kind of client imaginable. While the biggest jobs are from people who have years’ or even decades’ worth of junk, you’d still be surprised to find how much can be accumulated in a year.

Think of all the things that happen in a year. You go on vacations, you bring home various baubles from work, you have birthdays, holidays, you find hot deals that are too hard to pass up, and you may have children who are growing up. You may gain or lose a pet, or have a new permanent resident in your home such as a grandparent or uncle. All of these are things that could cause junk to form.

Instead of letting it all build up, why not take a yearly inventory of all your stuff? If you’re doing this every year, it’s likely you won’t even have enough stuff to necessitate junk removal services (though we’re always happy to help). This helps to keep your home clean and organized, and also frees you from forming unnecessary sentimental bonds that can make it hard to get rid of things later.

Decluttering Makes Cleaning Easier

One of the most unfortunate mistakes that people make in their spring cleaning is throwing out their junk after they’ve done a major deep clean and put everything back in its place. Suppose you have intimidating stacks of bins that are filled to the brim with old Halloween junk. Suppose you haven’t used these Halloween decorations in years. Suppose you fatigue yourself moving all of these boxes to clean the area as part of your spring cleaning, and then you strain yourself even more putting them back. And then, imagine deciding that you don’t actually want those Halloween decorations.

If you’d have made that choice earlier, you could have saved yourself from work. And that’s how it goes with everything else in your home. If you’re keen on doing junk removal, you may just find that there are several large items or furniture pieces that need to go — if you get rid of them from the start, cleaning the rest of the home will undoubtedly be a much easier process.

You’ve Gotta Do It Eventually

If you’ve recently gone through a done a junk removal job through your whole home, then maybe you can skip it during this year’s spring cleaning. But if you’re like the majority of people in Columbia and the surrounding areas, you probably haven’t.

The bottom line is that everyone needs to do junk removal eventually. There are so many perks of going through all the stuff that’s taking up precious space in your home. It creates more room, it allows you to redesign, it can be stress-relieving, and many of the things you dispose of can have useful second lives with new owners.

It’s common to avoid junk removal if you haven’t done it in several years (or ever) because of how intimidating it is. It’s such a process to go through all your clutter and selectively get rid of stuff, especially if letting go of things isn’t easy for you. But we can promise that you won’t regret it once all is said and done. A home can truly shine once it’s been cleansed of all the junk inside which hasn’t been used for years.

So, with that being said, why not take care of junk removal while you do your spring cleaning? It’s not all that different, and the tasks go hand-in-hand very easily. Since spring cleaning typically entails an exhaustive deep clean of your home, there’s no better time to get into all your home’s little nooks and crannies and examine what’s truly worth keeping and giving up.

Junk Removal Services in Columbia, MD

Are you in Columbia, or other nearby cities such as Hanover, Laurel, Baltimore, Towson, or Silver Spring? Consider calling Spartan Junk Removal for decluttering services. Junk removal professionals are much more than a glorified dumpster — we can help you go through your stuff, organize it all, and create new storage solutions for your home. We can also help with difficult items such as hot tubs and mattresses. If you’re in need of garage storage solutions or junk removal in general, we’re the team to call! Contact us today if you have any questions — we’ll be happy to provide a free consultation!