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We believe in some old-fashioned standards. Being on time, working hard, and getting the job done right the first time are our top priorities. We stand by what we say and we will back it up!

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Our prices are simple and transparent, we charge by the volume (how much we fill up our truck). The most important thing for us is to provide you with a company you can trust, that will take amazing care of you!

At Spartan Junk Removal we take pride in our open and honest work ethic, we believe this style leads to a better future. We stand by our work and appreciate the trust other’s have placed in us. When you choose Spartan Junk Removal, you are choosing a local business you can trust.


We want you to be happy and we strive every day to achieve that goal. You, our customer, are our life force; we are fueled by your happiness and we succeed when you tell your friends and family about your experience with us and by the reviews you provide online.


Owning a home has a way of introducing many unwanted objects into your life – old furniture, worn-out mattresses, broken pianos, hot tubs that no longer function, and old grills that have long since been replaced are just a few examples of the things that people have a tendency to accumulate in homes across Columbia, Maryland. Unwanted rubbish takes up space in your house and prevents you from enjoying it to its full potential. You may feel powerless to do anything about it, or maybe you’re dreading the process of figuring out where to take it, loading it up, and hauling it all away. Fortunately, Spartan Junk Removal is here to make all of those worries disappear.

For over a decade, our rubbish removal company has been helping the residents of Columbia get rid of their unwanted clutter. The process is simple: we show up (guaranteed to be on time), load up all of your undesirable items, and take them away, never to bother you again. Whether you need furniture removal, mattress disposal, or you’re cleaning up a hoarding situation, Spartan Junk Removal is waiting, ready to help you make room for the things you’d rather keep in your home. We are members of the community, and take pride in running an eco-friendly business. Now you can support a local family business and the environment as you rid your house of unwanted junk. Find out how easy it can be to reclaim space in your home; contact Spartan Junk Removal today!

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We either Donate the items we haul to a local charity or we will recycle or properly dispose of them.

Since there can be a lot of items in the garage you may want or need help sorting, we are there for you!

We know that hot tub was really cool when you got it, but after some time it just got old and smelly.

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