1. How to Tell if You’re a Hoarder

    At Spartan Junk Removal, we’ve committed our lives to helping people get rid of their junk. What an interesting problem to have, no? While there are surely people in the world who can’t imagine the idea of having so many things that you literally have problems getting rid of all of them, it’s a legitimate problem for many people in the world, and we love seeing the smiles on clients’ faces…Read More

  2. Why Junk Removal Is Better Off Left to the Professionals

    Everybody accumulates trash and clutter. That’s just a given, and unless you’re some kind of ascetic hermit who doesn’t interact with any kind of material possessions, it’s just inevitable that you’re eventually going to end up in possession with some things that you don’t need keep anymore, whether you’re out of space, have no interest, or both. In such an occasion, it’s prudent t…Read More

  3. Questions to Ask If You’re Having a Hard Time Letting Go of Your Stuff

    If you have a hard time letting go of your personal possessions, don’t start feeling bad about it. While TV shows and media tend to hyperfocus on extreme examples such as hoarders who can’t even see the floor of their own home, the truth is that it’s not at all uncommon for people to have a hard time letting go of possessions, even if it’s clear that they likely won’t serve any kind of f…Read More

  4. How To Clean and Organize Your Garage Without Leaving Your Chair

    Isn’t it strange how every garage seems to inevitably pile up with junk, ever so slowly and surely, until it’s completely filled with all manner of clutter and useless items? It seems like, no matter how hard you try to keep it cleaned and maintained, the junk inside just grows, multiplying like a living organism. How does this happen? Who knows. The point is, garages get dirty, and eventually…Read More

  5. Holiday Cleanout: Junk or Charity?

    As the holidays draw ever nearer, you may find yourself wondering how you can give back to the community while still clearing up some space for your new Christmas or Hanukkah presents! Many people choose to take this time of year to go through their current items, including clothing and furniture, and decide what can be donated to charity. Of course, some items have been a little too well loved fo…Read More

  6. The Art of the “Fall Cleaning”

    Spring cleaning, spring cleaning, spring cleaning. Everywhere you go, you hear about the benefits of spring cleaning, its symbolic alignment with spring renewal and change, and its impact on your home and your family. But what if all of that junk can’t wait until spring? What if you need to purge your home of junk right now? If you’re sick of your junk already, it’s time for a classic “fal…Read More

  7. Things You Buy, Then Never Use

    As the Laurel junk removal experts, Spartan Junk Removal knows a thing or two about junk removal. We remove junk like it’s our job—because it is our job. But what kinds of junk are we removing on a day-to-day basis? What are people buying and then not needing all of a sudden? In this blog, we’ll take a look at the most common items that are considered junk—in other words, the things people…Read More

  8. Garage Ideas That Will BLOW YOUR MIND

    If you’re like most folks, your garage is packed to the brim with cardboard boxes, old sporting equipment, dead moths, and dust. What was once an empty space with endless possibilities is now a 300 square-foot dumpster for all of your unwanted furniture and home goods—a space that is more embarrassing than useful. Imagine what you could do with your garage if it weren’t filled to the brim wi…Read More

  9. Working with a Loved One Who Hoards – Part 2

    Talking to a loved one about their hoarding habits or helping them seek treatment is not always the easiest of tasks, but the junk removal experts at Spartan Junk Removal are here to help. In our previous blog post, we outlined some of the ways you can keep your loved one’s habits from getting worse. These include: Not taking any of their possessions, as this can destroy their trust for you. Avo…Read More

  10. Working with a Loved One Who Hoards – Part 1

    Hoarding is a mental health condition that, at its mildest, can create an uncomfortable living situation, and at its worst, without proper junk removal, can make a hazardous living area. It often leads to losing friends and family, so these people are in need of help and special care. While only 5 percent of the population hoards, only about 15 percent of those people recognize that their behavior…Read More