If you have any unwanted items or junk you want to be removed, we are here to help make it easy to clear your things; we do all the moving, loading, sorting, donating, recycling, and proper disposal of all of your items. When our customers choose us, they feel great and relieved because we are reliable, honest, and take good care of people.

We handle all types of junk removal, from a single item to an entire house cleanout or business liquidation. The only things we cannot take are chemicals and hazardous materials, but we work closely with a local Hazmat company that will give you the same outstanding care that you would expect from Spartan Junk Removal.

Do not let a discount junker rob you when you are away; when you need a company that you can trust, we are here to take good care of you.

Meet some of our team:

Hi, I am Chris Weir, the founder and Chief Junk Hauler of Spartan Junk Removal. I started junk removal in 2005 when I went with my Grandmother, a real estate agent at the time, to a house to get an estimate for a house cleanout (it was an estate cleanout) from a big corporate junk removal company. I was hired at that company and I was able to become General Manager for the territory within 2 years of working! I loved that company, and I loved the work that I did.

During the recession, I went back to school, and after some time, I started this company. Since then, I have serviced 1000’s of customers in our area. My goals are simple: work hard, be honest and upfront, and do the same great job every time. It feels great knowing that we are helping people out and giving them back time to deal with what’s important in their lives.

In the end, I want to be there for you and take care of our community and environment.

Schedule My Pickup! We promise will take good care of you for all your junk and rubbish removal needs!