How Our Service Works

When you schedule your pickup, we will send two members of our team out to give you an estimate. Our teams will explain how we charge and we will give you upfront and transparent pricing. Typically we charge by the volume, how much we fill up in our truck.

If you love our price, we can get started right then; if not, that’s fair too! Our estimates are always free, and there is never an obligation to use us. We are here for you, so what makes you happy is what we want to do. Contact us to get started!

We will help you sort your items for donation, recycling, and proper disposal. We support our community and protect our environment with our junk removal services. Up to 80% of our loads are reclaimed and saved from landfills.


Specialty Items

Items such as hot tubs, pianos, safes, and other large, heavy, and awkward items are charged separately. Once we arrive at the location, we will see the size, location, difficulty, and need for special equipment and provide you with an upfront estimate for removal.

Bed Load Charges

Dirt, concrete, large woodpiles, and demolition debris are charged differently than our standard volume pricing. These items are very labor-intensive, and often require specialized equipment to remove. Therefore, they have different disposal rates than normal items. When we arrive we will take a look at the debris you have, explain our process, and provide you with an estimated cost of removal. We do our best to be creative to minimize costs and increase your happiness.

Hazardous Materials

Our truck team cannot take hazardous materials like paints, oils, fuel, or other things that could poison or explode in our truck. However, we still have you covered! We work in close collaboration with a local hazmat company that can come and remove these items and properly dispose of them to keep our environment clean and our community healthy.

Junk Removal at a Fair Price

Spartan Junk Removal always wants to provide fair and affordable junk removal prices. To get an accurate quote, be sure to contact our team today! We will visit you we will arrive on time and once you agree with our estimate we can even get started right away We look forward to helping you live in a less cluttered space soon.