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Our junk hauling and rubbish removal prices are simple and transparent; we charge by the volume (how much we fill up our truck.)

Here are some reasons why we are different:

We are a credible local business that does all the work for you! If it is in the attic, basement, or outside we will do all the heavy lifting and hauling for you.

Our team members are uniformed, background/drug tested, well trained, and are here to take good care of you. Plus, we carry all proper insurance so you can rest assured that you are protected.

Our truck is about 30% larger than our competitors, we can carry around 20 cubic yards (sometimes more!) This means that we can do more in less time, so we pay less in labor, fuel, and time sitting in traffic. What may take a smaller company all day to do, we can do super fast, efficiently, and safely.

We are a small local business, so that means you do not have to pay for warehouse and franchise fees or costly CEO bonuses. We also give a portion of our profit to support local schools, organizations, and we sponsor community events!

Our price is simple with no hidden fees as you can see below. Our pricing includes all:

  • Transportation Costs

  • Labor – Loading, Sorting, Disposing

  • Proper Disposal Fees

  • All Proper Insurances & Taxes

  • Professional and Trustworthy Care

If you’re ready to free yourself from unwanted rubbish, Schedule Online Now, it is live and in real time. We will send you a confirmation email to confirm our time. Remember our estimates are free and there is never an obligation to use us! We’re here for you.

Our Pricing Vs The Other Guys

Truck Dimensions 14ft (L) x 7ft (W) x 5ft

Load Size Spartan Junk Removal 1-800-Got Junk
Truck Size 20 Cubic Yards 14 Cubic Yards
Minimum $119 $198
1/8 $178 $283
1/6 $234 $313
1/4 $296 $362
1/3 $335 $404
3/8 $383 $444
1/2 $419 $509
5/8 $457 $558
2/3 $518 $613
3/4 $559 $648
5/6 $593 $695
7/8 $647 $716
Full Load $679 $748

Below you will see the true cost of 20 Cubic Yards of Junk Removal among us and our competitors.

You may be shocked at what we found, we knew we were:

Cost of 20 Cubic Yards of Junk Removal

Load Size Spartan Junk Removal Cubic Yards 1-800-Got Junk
1 Full Load $650 15 $748
+ Additional 5(1/3) $404
Total $650 20 $1,152
You Save! $502
Reference Zipcode: 20724; Updated 2/2016; obtained from

On top of our fair pricing, we also guarantee to be on time! Sometimes things happen, we may have a flat tire, we are stuck in traffic, or we are held up later than we anticipated. Guess what? We will give you $25 off your service; we are committed to taking good care of you.

Bed Load Charges

Certain items are charged differently than regular household items. These items are dirt, concrete, pianos, safes, and other specialty heavy items. These items are very labor intensive and often require specialized equipment to remove. When you have these items, please give us a call and we will provide a free estimate for the removal.

Hazardous Materials

Our truck team cannot take hazardous materials like paints, oils, fuel, or other things that could poison or explode in our truck. We can still have you covered; we work in close collaboration with a company that can come and remove these items and keep them from poisoning our landfills.

CALL: 443-312-9020

Since 2005 we have been working hard in Junk Removal and Moving, this gives us the competitive edge to ensure your happiness. Hard Work, Dedication, and Excellence guide all that we do. We strive to go above and beyond what you expect to bring you the best experience possible.


We are a local small Maryland business. We guarantee to be on time or you receive $25 off your service! We carry and have all proper licensing, insurance, and workers compensation!


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