Talking to a loved one about their hoarding habits or helping them seek treatment is not always the easiest of tasks, but the junk removal experts at Spartan Junk Removal are here to help. In our previous blog post, we outlined some of the ways you can keep your loved one’s habits from getting worse. These include:

  • Not taking any of their possessions, as this can destroy their trust for you.
  • Avoiding enabling the behavior. Do not give them possessions they tend to hoard.
  • Educating yourself on hoarding behavior. This can help you be more sensitive to their condition.
  • Noticing small victories, such as getting rid of a few items. This keeps them encouraged and aware of your support.

Read on to learn more about how to work with a hoarder in your family or friend circle.

Help Them Sort Their Stuff

Some hoarders go so far as to fill up their entire home with items. Even if they have stopped hoarding new items, they may still have quite a few things they cannot yet part with. If you have the time and patience, offer to help sort through the items and clean the home. If you go through items and can agree on some to get rid of, that’s when it’s time to call Spartan Junk Removal. We have been trained to work with hoarders with the utmost sensitivity and respect to the situation.

Don’t Clean Up for Them

While sorting WITH them can be helpful, do not do it for them. Your loved one needs to make the decision for help and cleaning without you forcing them to do so. This might mean you will not be able to intervene until they are ready to accept help. As tempting as it may be to just remove all their stuff while they are gone from the house, this can both break their trust in you and completely destroy whatever relationship you have. Work with them to remove any items and be upfront about it.

Help Them Find Treatment

Taking that first step to receiving help can be challenging, so be there to help them in the process. You can search for a qualified therapist together, or you can present the information to them as an option. The fact that you searched for a therapist for them shows them that you really care and that you are concerned for their well-being.

Contact Our Junk Removal Team

When it comes to dealing with hoarding situations in Prince George’s County, you need professionals to help. Find a good therapist for your loved one, and call Spartan Junk Removal when you are ready to work through the clutter and free up some space. With attention to your loved one’s well-being and mental state, we may be able to successfully clear the home of a number of dangerous items. Our team has been specially trained to work with hoarding situations, and we are one of the few junk removal companies in Maryland that do so. Contact us today to learn more about our services and what we can take. We look forward to helping you work with your loved one towards a brighter and fresher start.