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It’s time to start fresh. Whether you’re ready for some spring cleaning or the winter blues have prompted you to begin again, you know that your home can never truly feel like home until you love everything within it. With that in mind, it’s time to push out the old and bring in the new. The team at Spartan Junk Removal is the crew to call to help you do just that.

Who is Spartan Junk Removal?

If you want to know who we are, the answer is simple: we are a team of people who want to help make your life easier. We do this by taking all of your unwanted items and handling the details. That means we do the moving, the loading, sorting, donating, recycling, and the proper disposal of your items. The only items we can’t take are chemicals and hazardous materials—but we can guide you to someone who can take these items for you. In short, there are no junk removal services we cannot do for you.

Our goal is to make the junk removal process as easy as possible, which is why we go to great lengths to take care of you first. The owner, Chris Weir, says so himself: “My goals are simple: work hard, be honest and upfront, and do the same great job every time. It feels great knowing that we are helping people out and giving them back time to deal with what’s important in their lives. In the end, I just want to be there for you and take care of our community and environment.”

What Sets Us Apart?

There are many junk removal companies in Maryland, but we know that ours stands above the competition. How? The answer is simple. We:

  • Have a 14-foot truck. With that much space in our truck, we can take more of your stuff. Since many companies charge based on how long a job takes, choosing a team with a smaller truck might mean more than one trip—and a higher payment later. With our truck, we can get in and out of your home in no time at all.
  • Are more affordable. We fit more items, we take less time, we quote you at a lower price. Simple as that.
  • Are environmentally friendly. We take all your items and ensure that they will go to the proper place. If it can be recycled or donated, we take care of that. If not, we make sure it’s disposed of properly.
  • Ensure no item is left behind. While we can’t take your chemicals or toxic substances, we don’t leave you to handle them yourself. We have plenty of partners who can handle those items for you, so just ask us.
  • Handle hoarder situations. Many junk removal companies will not handle hoarding situations. However, we understand the psychology behind hoarding, meaning that we can handle all situations, no matter how severe, with care.

We know that our team stands above the rest, but we’d like you to see it for yourself too. Click the button below to get starts.

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Our Junk Removal Services

Want to know exactly what it is we can do for you? Take a look. If you don’t see what you need, that doesn’t mean we can’t help. Reach out and ask us if we can handle your project.

Junk Removal

Our full-service junk removal works exactly how it sounds. We handle every little detail so you can focus on your newly-opened space and what you’re going to do with all that room! Our team has been hard at work since 2005, and in that time, we’ve learned everything we need to get the job done quickly and entirely. Whether you’re done with that broken chair you’ve had in your attic for years or you’re ready to part with your holiday decorations from 1987, we can help. Give us a call.

Hot Tub Removal

Nothing is too big for our team to handle! While that hot tub was pretty great when you first got it, time has made it smelly and old. Get rid of your unwanted hot tub with Spartan Junk Removal! We are Maryland’s premier hot tub removal service, so don’t hesitate to call. Let us make your unsightly hot tub disappear so you can either get a new one or choose something new to do with that space.

Mattress Removal

You know you need to get a new mattress every decade or so, right? If you haven’t gotten a new one yet, we recommend doing that now and giving us a call to handle the old one! Whether your kids have outgrown theirs or you just need an upgrade, we can handle your mattress disposal in an eco-friendly way. This is particularly important to us, as anywhere from 20 to 40 million mattresses are disposed of annually in the United States. Just one single mattress could take up to 20 cubic feet in a landfill, which means that recycling is essential. Don’t worry—we will recycle it for you. There’s no need to stress about your impact on the environment and your community when you give Spartan Junk Removal a call.

Garage Clean Out

It’s okay, there’s no need to lie. We know those old rollerblades haven’t been touched in ten years, and we certainly aren’t judging you for the broken treadmill you hid away in your garage. However, now it’s time to clear the area and make some room for your car, your new fitness center, or whatever it is you want to do with your garage space. Let’s clear out the whole thing together! Fun fact: Spartan Junk Removal isn’t just a team of junk removal leaders; we would also be happy to help you organize and sort through your belongings. Call us today for our assistance.

Apartment Complex Waste Removal

Whether you’re a landlord or just a tenant who is moving out, it’s common for a mess to be left behind. Some people choose to abandon their furniture or leave it unclaimed, which can be irritating at best and hazardous at worst. Get rid of the mess and all evidence of sloppy former tenants by giving us a call! We can grab items that have been left in alleyways or outside of dumpsters if no one else can take them. Let us take it all away so you don’t need to worry about it! Get your new tenants in with no hassle, or move to your next home knowing that your old furniture has been handled.

Sorting Through Your Junk

While many homes in the area, from Ellicott City to Annapolis, Catonsville to Severna Park, are in need of junk removal, most people have found effective ways to ignore that. We urge you to take a deep breath and face the music: you have some junk in your home that you could stand to get rid of. But how do you decide what to keep and what to send off with our junk removal team? Let us help you decide.

Take it slowly, if you need to.

Going through the entire contents of your home in just one weekend is a surefire way to burn yourself out and come close to just tossing out everything. We highly recommend going through the rooms in your home one at a time, and make sure to never spend more than an hour at a time going through your items. Be proactive about cleaning out your home by scheduling certain days and times that are dedicated to sorting. Then, divide out areas of your home into sections that you can tackle on those chosen dates.

It’s a yes or it’s a no.

There is no middle ground when it comes to going through your stuff! If you look at something, think about getting rid of it, and then say, “well, I could need this again…” it’s time to think again. All of your items are a yes or a no, and you need to tell yourself that now. When people start to stick to the middle ground, or the purgatory of items, they wind up keeping more stuff than they originally intended. This often leaves people discouraged. Why spend so much time going through everything if they were just going to keep it all in the end? Don’t be afraid to cut ties with your old, broken, and unwanted items. It’s time to give yourself the space and peace of mind you deserve.

Garage sales are an option, but be realistic about your time and motivation.

Garage sales can be a great way to get rid of your unwanted items, especially if they are in good condition and you’re looking for a little bit of cash. However, keep in mind that a lot of work goes into garage sales. As long as you are willing to buckle down and price everything out, as well as have the time to do so, you could have a lot of success! It is unlikely that all of your items will sell, though, so keep that in mind. Don’t let all that stuff get back into your home! Immediately call Spartan Junk Removal to haul it away for you, or consider donation.

Donate items that are in great condition.

Whatever you don’t sell at your garage sale can be sent off to help someone in need! Donate your items to your favorite charity so that they can make good use of them. Some great items to donate include working electronics, clothes in great condition, working appliances, and toys for children. As far as larger pieces of furniture go, there are always places who are looking for quality items. Feel free to call around to the charities in the area and see if they have an interest.

Junk removal is perfect for everything else.

Chances are good that much of what you want to get rid of is broken or damaged in some way. You are going to have a few items that have passed the point of no return, meaning that donating or trying to sell them isn’t going to work. Whether that sounds like one item or fifty items in your home, give us a call! Spartan Junk Removal is here to handle all your broken and old items. And, if we think they will be usable someplace else, then we will make sure that they get there. We firmly believe in making sure that nothing goes to waste!

Commitment to the Community and the Environment

Our job is to make sure that we take care of you and your needs. That’s why we offer every part of junk removal and recycling. We’ll haul away just about everything, and if we can’t, we’ll make sure to contact someone who can get the rest. Our commitment to the environment means that we recycle any and everything that we possibly can. That means that your electronics, mattresses, and hot tubs are being disposed of properly. Spartan Junk Removal believes firmly in keeping our community, Maryland, and the world a cleaner place to live. If you have any questions about our eco-friendly policy, we would be happy to answer your questions.

Spartan Junk Removal is Here for You

We take pride in our ability to handle all sorts of clean up situations, and we look forward to you and your family putting ours to the test. Ellicott City, Annapolis, Catonsville, Severna Park, Columbia, and the surrounding areas should not hesitate to give us a call! Please click the contact button below to get started. We look forward to working with you and providing you the peace of mind you deserve! Together, we can help you take your home back and use that space for something new. What will you do once you have the freedom and room to start new? We can’t wait to help you begin your new journey.


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